10 Must Listen Krishna Janmashtami Songs in Hindi from Bollywood movies

Krishna Janmashtami Songs: We all love to celebrate the Janmashtami as it is the birthday of Lord Krishna. Krishna was god of all the various aspects that are related to us. Whether he is a child, a teenage or adult, human of every age can relate Krishna with them with various colors of Lord Krishna. 


In this special post, we are here with 10 must listen krishna Janmashtami Songs list. Without these Janmashtami songs list, the celebration of Janmashtami could not be completed.

Krishna is god of innocent plays in childhood, god of friendship as he displayed wonderful example of friendship with Sudama, God of love as his love with Radha was incomplete yet we worship them and many has many other shades of Krishna.

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In this list of songs for Krishna Janmashtami we have added 10 most popular Janmashtami songs from Hindi movies with their respective You Tube links so if you want to watch the songs, you can by that link.

In this article, we have added 10 most popular Krishna songs those are related to Krishna Yashoda, Radha Krishna and most famous Dahi Handi songs. 

Janmashtami celebration is not complete without Dahi Handi and so we have added few popular Dahi handi Janmashtami songs here.

#10 Bada Natkhat Hai Krishan Kanhaiya

When things comes with the name of Krishna, his relation with mother Yashoda always comes in our mind. The naughty relation of mother and son that brings smile on our faces every time we heard them.

Bada Natakhat hai yeh Kishan Kanhaiya song is from movie Amar Prem and is the perfect bhajan to listen not only on Janmashtami but also everyday. 

The lyrics of the songs are really very nice and gives smile on the face of the listener. Do listen it now by clicking on YouTube video link given above. 

#9 Maiyya Yashoda, Yeh Tera Kanhaiya

If there is Krishna and there are no fun with Gopis, how that could be possible. Yes, Krishna's innocent fun always gives pleasure to watch. His teasing to gopis is described very nicely in the above song.

The song is from movie Hum Saath Saath Hain and a very popular too. A must listen on this Janmashtami. This song is one of the must listen of radha krishna bollywood songs list.

#8 Yashomati Maiya se Bole Nand Lala

What if Krishna ask his mother about the reason of his black colour and ma Yashoda make him understand the reason very beautifully. Krishna asks Yashoda that why his colour is not fair while Radha is white and beautiful. Mata Yashoda replies the innocent question of little krishna in this song.

The singer of this song is Lata Mangeshkar and it is pure pleasure to here the such song in her voice. This Janmashtami song is must listen for mental peace for every Radha Krishna lover. This Janmashtami Song is from Bollywood movie Satyam Shivam Sundaram.

#7 Shyam Teri Bansi Pukare Radha Naam

This famous Janmashtami bhajan is from movie Geet Gaata Chal and this is also one of the classic old Janmashtami songs. The song beautifully describes the love of Radha Krishna and Mira. 

This song was composed by Ravindra Jain and singers were Arati Mukherji and Jaspal singh. Though this is the old song but if you here it today it gives a immense joy to ear and heart. A must listen for Janmashtami. 

#6 Kaana Soja Zara

A beautiful Krishna song in the form of lullaby to make Krishna sleep from the famous movie Baahubali. Song is portrait very beautiful and is a must listen for every Krishna lover. 

The song was gone very popular in both the languages it was released. Nice composed song of Gopis requesting Krishna to take sleep.

#5 Woh Kishna Hai

If you want to describe Krishna's characteristics in one song, this is the song you must hear. This Krishna song of movie Kisna is composed by A R Rehman, very popular Indian music director in all over the world. 

The lyrics of the song describes all the characteristics of Lord Krishna in very poetic way. Also this song represents the love of Radha Krishna and Gopis very beautiful. The tune of this song is very catchy and you will love it to hear it again and again.

#4 Radha Kaise Na Jale

If we want to make the list of Radha Krishna Bollywood songs list, this song from movie Lagaan surely top the chart. Music in this movie is given by A R Rehman and this song is surely a must listen for every one. 

The songs beautifully describes the love of Radha and Krishna in artistic way. A R Rehman is master to catch such emotions.

#3 Har Taraf Hai Ye Shor

#2 Mach Gaya Shor Sari Nagari Re

If we talk about Janmashtami and how can we forget the Dahi Handi. Yes, Dahi Handi is very popular way of Janmashtami celebration and Bollywood has captured this celebration nicely in many Dahi Handi Songs.

One of the very famous songs of Bollywood for Dahi handi is from the movie Khuddar. Amitabh Bachchan is in the lead role and the song is made so beautifully that it will make you dance for sure.

#1 Govinda Aala Re

Always a number one choice for Dahi handi and Janmashtami celebration. What a song this is and what a tune. A foot tapping for all the listeners and a joy booster for all the Janmashtami celebrators.

Govinda Aala Re song is from the movie Bluff Master which was released in 1963. Music was given by Kalyanji - Anandji and song was sung beautifully by late Mohammad Rafi. Though this song creation has passed five decades, the effect of song is remained the same and gone popular over the time. A must listen song for every Krishna lover.

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Final Words : So how do you like these Krishna Janmashtami songs? Don't forget to share your thoughts about these list of Janmashtami songs and do also comment your favorite Janmashtami song in the comment. Happy Janmashtami !!

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