7 Feb to 21 Feb Days List : February Special Days List 2022 with Valentine Week 2022 List

7 Feb to 21 Feb Days List - February Special Days List 2022: February is called the month of Love because it comes with Valentine's Day. Yes, we celebrate this day of love on 14th February every year. 

But it is not only valentine's day in month of February, February has series of days from 7 Feb to 21 Feb, which are known as February days of love

february days list 2022

The month of February has 28 or 29 days. In these days 15 days are February Special Days and that is the reason that February is special and one of the most loved month of the year. You will find complete valentine's day list 2022 here in this post.

The whole world celebrates the month of Love and every individual loves to celebrate the festival of love. February is that month of the year which everyone looks for. Feb days of Love starts from 7th February and lasts till 21 February so there are total 15 February special days for lovers.

February Special Days List 2022

We can divide valentine week in three parts. 7 days of valentine week which starts from 7th February, valentine day itself on 14th February and 7 days of anti valentine week which starts from 15th February with slap day and ends on 21st February with break up day.

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February Days List 2022

Special days of February in 2022 starting with Rose Day on Sunday, 7th February 2022 and following by other days till 14th February, Valentine's day. The days from 7th February to 14th February are known as feb days of love

After 14th February, the week is celebrated as anti valentine week. The days from 15th February to 21st February are celebrated as anti valentines week days. So there are total 15 days of valentine's celebration.

Here, we are providing complete list of Valentine's Day from 7 Feb to 21 Feb. Check them below to find that today is which day of valentine week.

  1. Happy Rose Day 2022 – 7th Feb, 2022, Monday.
  2. Happy Propose Day 2022 – 8th Feb, 2022, Tuesday.
  3. Happy Chocolate Day 2022 – 9th Feb, 2022, Wednesday.
  4. Happy Teddy Day 2022 – 10th Feb, 2022, Thursday.
  5. Happy Promise Day 2022 – 11th Feb, 2022, Friday.
  6. Happy Hug Day 2022 – 12th Feb, 2022, Saturday.
  7. Happy Kiss Day 2022 – 13th Feb, 2022, Sunday.
  8. Happy Valentine Day 2022 – 14th Feb, 2022, Monday.
  9. Happy Slap Day 2022 - February 15, 2022, Tuesday.
  10. Happy Kick Day 2022 - February 16, 2022, Wednesday.
  11. Happy Perfume Day 2022 - February 17, 2022, Thursday.
  12. Happy Flirting Day 2022 - February 18, 2022, Friday.
  13. Happy Confession Day 2022 - February 19, 2022, Saturday.
  14. Happy Missing Day 2022 - February 20, 2022, Sunday.
  15. Happy Breakup Day 2022 - February 21, 2022, Monday.

So these are the list of February special days and now we will look into the celebration of each day in valentine week. So let us first take 7 days of valentine week.

Valentine Week Day 1) 🌹 Happy Rose Day 2022: So this is the very first day of lovely February days of love and a what a day to start a week of love. Roses are one of the fundamental things of love and represents the feelings and love in a perfect way. 

Someone has soft corner and soft feelings for other and celebrates the Rose day 2022 by giving gift of single roses or bouquet of roses to the partner. 

february special day : 7 feb happy rose day 2022
Happy Rose Day 2022 : 7th February 

There are number of meaning of various kind of roses depending on the color. Lovers will also share these Happy rose day 2022 wishes to their loved partner so you can too. But make sure you choose the rose color properly.

You can also create decoration at home with roses theme and give surprise to your partner. You can be creative as much as you can so your partner got impressed by you. The more creative you are, the more positive effects you will feel.

Valentine Week Day 2) 💌 Happy Propose Day 2022: So after the rose day, the next big day of February special days and valentine week is Propose Day. A very important day because this is the decider that you will be in relationship or will be single the whole year. 

Be careful while celebrating the propose day 2022 because if something went wrong then you might lose your friendship too or can be friend zoned by your partner and that will be more painful.

february special day : 8 feb happy propose day 2022
Happy Propose Day 2022 : 8th February 

On the propose day, you can share your thoughts with your partner and can convince him or her to be in relationship with you. You can propose directly or use Propose Day Images and Wishes via whatsapp or any other ways. it is totally up to you that how you want to propose your partner.  

Valentine Week Day 3) 🍫 Happy Chocolate Day 2022: So if your propose day has gone well, you have good reason to celebrate chocolate day 2022. Yes, if your partner has accepted your proposal then this is the best time for you to celebrate the chocolate day. 

Sweet is the sign of good beginning and this is the reason we celebrate the chocolate day and we hope that you celebrate this February Day, chocolate day 2022 with sweetness of chocolates.

february special day : 9 feb happy chocolate day 2022
Happy Chocolate Day 2022: 9th February

You can celebrate chocolate day with giving chocolates to each other. You can also share happy chocolate day images and wishes with your partner via whatsapp and give a good surprise too on the chocolate day celebration.

Valentine Week Day 4) 🧸 Happy Teddy Day 2022: So after the celebration of chocolate day, it's time to celebrate one more February special day and it is Teddy day. We all love things that can be cuddled and while in a love with someone teddy becomes the perfect partner of valentine week.

february special day : 10 feb happy teddy day 2022
Happy Teddy Day 2022: 10th February

You can gift the cute teddy bear to your partner and you can also share happy teddy bear images and wishes to your partner. 

Valentine Week Day 5) 👍 Happy Promise Day 2022: So after celebrating 4 February special days of love, it is time to give promise to your partner that you will be with him or her forever in any situation and any condition. And that is the reason why we celebrate Promise day. We can say that it is one of the most important days of February days 2022.

february special day : 11 feb happy promise day 2022
Happy Promise Day 2022: 11th February

Promise day is celebrated in all over the world with very positive reason to ensure trust in each other. You can also share promise day images and promise day wishes greetings with your partner to give trust in relationship. A must needed day of valentine week.

Valentine Week Day 6) 🤗 Happy Hug Day 2022: So giving partner promise of staying together life long what could be better than hug. Yes, so after promise day celebration, it is time to celebrate Hug Day 2022 and to wish partner a very happy hug day. 

february special day : 12 feb happy hug day 2022
Happy Hug Day 2022: 12th February

A nice hug is always considered very powerful in any relation and that is also proved by scientific researches. So this is the best way to make the relationship stronger with partner.

Valentine Week Day 7) 😘 Happy Kiss Day 2022: So after a good hug, what is missing? A kiss to partner, right? Yes, so after hug day it is kiss day which is celebrated in valentine week list. A kiss is always meant to be a good in any  relationship. Like hug it is also very important in any relationship.

february special day : 13 feb happy kiss day 2022
Happy Kiss Day 2022: 13th February

You can celebrate the Kiss day 2022 with your partner in a various way. It is totally depends upon you but be careful while celebrating kiss day and sending kiss day messages to the partner as it could look creepy and purvey sometimes. So celebrate the day with your own idea and with respecting the likings of your partner. 

Valentine Week Day 8) ❣ Happy Valentine Day 2022: So after the 7 days of valentine week, here comes the most special day of February month. Yes and that is Happy Valentine Day 2022. Yes this is the day all the lovers waiting for in the month of February and which makes the February special, very special.

february special day : 14 feb happy valentines day 2022
Happy Valentines Day 2022: 14th February

Valentines day is the day which every lover waits for the whole year and why not? after all it is the festival of love and every body on this earth loves to love someone or to be loved by someone. So this is the day, valentines day 2022. 

People share images wishes and quotes related to valentines day and you can also share these valentine day images with quotes in various February special days. And be careful with the valentine week 2022 else you have to celebrate anti valentine days week 2022

Anti Valentine Week 2022 Days List

Anti valentine day week? What is that? So after valentines day on 14th February, a week is celebrated as anti valentine week. The anti valentine week is started from 15th February with slap day.

After slap day, it consist of days like kick day, perfume day, flirting day, confession day, missing day and finally week ends up with break up day. We have given the dates of anti valentine week below. 

7 Feb to 21 Feb Days List : Anti Valentine Week Days

Conclusion: So here was the February special days and valentine week list 2022 from 7 Feb to 21 Feb. Do not forget to check these Valentine images of love and valentines day messages shayari greetings for Happy Valentine day 2022. Happy Valentine's Day!

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