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Happy Raksha Bandhan Rakhi Pictures, Pics, Photos, Images, Wallpapers


Happy Rakhi Pictures Pics Photos Images Wallpapers

Rakhi is not just a festival but also the ocean of emotions that bounds brother and sister into a very pure and unique realtion. Rakhi also known as Raksha Bandhan world wide. Raksha Bandhan is unique itself as a festival because Rakhi is the only festival that relates brother and sister togather.

So to celebrate this unique Rakhi festival, we have created this special post of Rakhi Pictures. So Happy Rakhi Pictures 2018 will be the great way to celebrate the Rakhi with your brother and sister this year. These beautiful collection of Rakhi Images Wallpapers and Rakhi Photos will make your Rakhi even more special. You can share these Happy Rakhi 2018 pictures with your brother and sister and you can make this special day even more special. You can also download Rakhi images photos for free and share with your realtives.

👉 Happy Rakhi Pictures 2018

Rakhi is known and celebrated in different forms with different names all over the world where Hindu lives. In Nepal, Raksha Bandhan is known as Rishitarpani or Janai Purnima. Hindu and Budhdhist as well celebrates the Rakhi festival in Nepal with great enthusiasm.


👉 Rakhi Images Wallpapers


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👉 Happy Rakhi Photos Free Download

Happy Rakhi Photos Free Download

👉 Rakhi Images Photos

Rakhi Images Photos

👉 Rakhi 2018 Images

Believe me, if you share these rakhi 2018 images given below with your sister, she will definately feel special and will be high on emotions. She will feel the best sister in the world and make your relation even more stronger.

Rakhi 2018 Images

We hope that you might liked these Happy Rakhi Pictures, images and photos. We have also some best collection of Happy Raksha Bandhan Images HD. Do visit and do not forget to share this Rakhi photos with your brother, sister, friends and relatives. Happy Raksha Bandhan.

Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018 Images for Sister, Brother in HD


Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018 Images, Pictures, Photos

Hello friends and
happy Raksha Bandhan to you. Raksha Bandhan also known as Rakhi is a very special festival in India that bounds brother and sister in a relation that no other festival can do. Raksha Bandhan is festival of pure emotions of brother and sister. Raksha Bandhan also celebrated in some South Asian country.

So in this Happy Raksha Bandhan Images special post, we have collected various Raksha bandhan images for sister and brother. We have also created Raksha Bandhan Images in HD so you can download this Raksha Bandhan 2018 images for free and you will also find Raksha bandhan images for Whatsapp and facebook. You can also use this Raksha Bandhan HD images as Whatsapp dp and facebook profile.

As this post is for Raksha Bandhan 2018 you will find the answer of your question that when is Raksha bandhan 2018? Raksha Bandhan 2018 is on Monday, 7th August. You can download Raksha bandhan HD images and share these images as Raksha Bandhan greetings.

On the Raksha Bandhan day, sister and brother wakes up early in the morning and after preparation and prayer they celebrates Raksha Bandhan. Raksha Bandhan mainly focused on the very special relation of brother and sister.

Sister and brother both prays for each other’s long life. Sister do Pooja and aarti of brother, do Tilak to brother and ties Rakhi on the right hand for the protection and long life of the brother. In return, brother also gives some gift to sister and make promise to protect her too. What a sweet gesture and celebration this is. Isn’t it?

So without wasting your precious time let’s look at the happy Raksha bandhan pictures and images.

👉 Happy Raksha Bandhan Images

Though Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival, some people from the Muslim and Christian community also celebrates Raksha Bandhan now a days and this is one of the best part of India in 21st century. Story of Emperor Humayun and Rani Karnavati also famous for the Raksha Bandhan festival.

👉 Happy Raksha Bandhan Pictures


👉 Happy Raksha Bandhan Photos


👉 Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018 Images


👉 Raksha Bandhan Images for Sister

We generally not share our feelings with our relatives because that feel awkward sometimes. So here is the way to share your feelings and love towards your sister. Share the images given below with your sister via any social media. Doesn't matter whether it is WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter. Once you share these images, your sister will find it very special and feel very special and emptional. We are very much sure about this. Just do it.



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For more Rakhi Pictures

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👉 Raksha Bandhan Images 2018


We hope that you may like these Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018 images collection. If you like these raksha bandhan 2018 pics then do not forget to share these rakhi images to your sister, brother, friends and realtives. Make this Rakhi special by sharing Raksha bandhan Images. Have a happy and joyful Raksha Bandhan.

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Happy Fathers Day 2018 Images, Wallpapers, Pictures, Photos, Pics Download

Happy Fathers Day 2018 Images, Wallpapers, Pictures, Photos, Pics Download: Father's day is celebrated in almost all the countries of the world to honour and respect the father and fatherhood globally. The celebration of father's day is varies country by country but mostly it is celebrated in the month of June. In 2018, Father's day will be celebrated on 17th June while in 2019, it will be celebrated on 16th June as Father's day is celebrated on 3rd Sunday of June.

Father is a backbone of our lives and he does the tremendous hard work to make us happy and fulfils our all the needs. Though the work done by father for us can not be recognized by the word on a single day, but we can express our love and respect towards our fathers by celebrating father's day.

In this unique and special father's day article, we have collected some beautiful happy father's day 2018 images, photos, pictures, wallpapers, pics and HD Images. We have also collected fathers day images photos and fathers day quotes images specially for you to make your day special and memorable.

These father's day HD wallpaper and fathers day pictures will surely help you to celebrate the father's day 2018 in a unique way with your father. These images gallery is absolutely free and you can download them for free. You can also use these Happy fathers day images as your Facebook profile picture and WhatsApp DP. You can also share these fathers day pictures on social media platforms like Facebook, tweeter and Instagram.

Before going to images section for fathers day 2018, let us put some light on the history and celebration of father's day for you. The celebration of fatherhood  starts from the middle ages in Catholic Europe and it was celebrated on the 19th March. 19 March was the day of Saint Joseph who was referred to father of Jesus according to southern Europe. In United States, the celebration of father's day started in 20th century as a complement of Mother's day celebration. Father's day is celebrated by wishing father, respecting him and giving gifts to him as a recognition of his hard work for us and giving us a great life.

Happy Father’s Day 2018 HD Images Download


Happy Fathers Day HD Wallpaper 2018, Image, Picture, Pic, Photo


Happy Fathers Day Images 2018 With Quotes


Happy Fathers Day Wishes/Greetings 2018


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Fathers Day 2018 HD Wallpapers Download, Fathers Day 2018 HD Pictures Download

Fathers Day 2018 HD Wallpapers Download

Fathers Day 2018 HD Pics Download, Fathers Day 2018 Photos Download


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Fathers Day Desktop Wallpapers 2018

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Fathers Day Images In HQ 2018, Fathers Day HQ Images 2018


Best DAD Ever Photos, Images, Wallpapers Download 2018


We hope you must like happy fathers day 2018 images, wallpapers, photos which are shared here. Don't forget to like and share this post with your friends and family members. Thanks and Happy fathers day!!

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Colourful Happy Holi Photo Pics Pictures Free Download

Happy Holi Photo : Wishing you a great and colourful Holi and welcoming you with great pleasure on this beautiful post about Happy Holi Photos. These photos of Holi festival will be the great source of celebration for you and we are sure about it. In this Special Holi post, we have also gathered some Happy Holi pictures along with Happy Holi Pics and Holi 2018 photos.

But before we go through Holi photos and you start sharing these pics, let us have a look at the Holi celebration and details about the Holi and also let us know that why we celebrate Holi. We know it very well that India is the country of festivals and has various festivals and celebrations for the different occasions. Holi is one of the biggest Indian festivals that are celebrated in all over India. Holi is also considered as a Spring festival in Indian culture and known as festival of colours too.

And to celebrate this festival of colours we are going to give you some beautiful happy Holi photos and guess what these all the photos are in HD means in high resolution and also free to download. These amazing and colourful Holi pics are free to download and just a single click away from yours.

Happy Holi Photos






Happy Holi Pics and Pictures



Holi Photos Free Download



Holi Photos HD



Final Words about Happy Holi Photos : 
We hope you find these Holi photos 2018 very useful and share worthy. Do not forget to share these pictures via social media as sharing will also add a colour to you and that is colour of joy. Happy Holi !!

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Maha Shivaratri Lord Shiva 2018 Images, Photos


Maha Shivaratri Photos

First of all Happy Maha Shivaratri to you and welcome on the special post about Maha Shivaratri Images. On this post we have collected best Maha Shivaratri images along with Lord Shiva Images. Maha Shivaratri 2018 Images will be very useful to you to celebrate the Maha Shivaratri with your friends and Lord Shiva devotees. We have collected these Maha Shivratri Photos specially for the devotees of Lord Shiva. So without talking to much, let us do to the post for Maha Shivaratri Photos and Lord Shiva Photos.

Maha shivaratri is a Hindu festival which is celebrated every year in the honour and worship of Hindu Lord Shiva. Shivaratri comes in every month of the luni Solar month of the Hindu calender but every year the time period between winter and spring Maha Shivaratri comes. Maha means Great or Grand. Shivratri means The night of Shiva. So Maha Shivratri name itself suggests that "The Great night of Shiva".


On the great occasion of Maha Shivaratri people do chanting prayers, meditation. People also
keep fasts for whole day. Maha Shivratri also a sign of overcoming your darkness in the life and the world.
Shiva is known as Nilkanth as he drank the poison which was generated during the Samudra Manthan. According to Puranas like Skandh Purana, Ling Purana and Padma Purana, Maha Shivaratri is celebrated for the different occational beliefes but these all puranas are agree to worship Shiva and Linga. Linga is a icon that associated with the Shiva. 
On the day of Maha Shivaratri people visit the Shiva temple and chant 'Om Namah Shivay'. Om Namah Shivay is a sacred mantra of Lord Shiva. On the night, people do jaagaran and meditation to praise the Lord Shiva. Shiva ia also a symbol of destroyer. Maha Shivaratri is mostly celebrated in the India but it is also celebrated some other countries like Nepal and also in South Asia. 
On the day of Maha Shivaratri, the temples are full with the sounds like Om namah Shivay, Har Har Mahadev and Bam Bam Bhole. 

Maha Shivaratri Images


 Lord Shiva Images


Lord Shiva Photos



Maha Shivratri 2017 Date : 24th February ( Friday ).

Maha Shivratri 2018 Date : 13th February ( Tuesday ).

Thanks for visiting this post on the great occassion of Maha Shivaratri 2018. We hope that information about Maha Shivaratri and Lord Shiva has been useful to you. If you like this Maha Shivaratri Images and Lord Shiva Images then do not forget to share this images. Har Har Mahadev. Om Namah Shivay!!