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{ Happy } Pongal 2018 Images Pictures Photos HD Free Download


Pongal 2018 Images

Hello and wishing you very Happy Pongal !! We are welcoming you for coming to the special and beautiful post which is made for Pongal Images. Pongal is very beautiful and special festival for the Tamil people.  As Pongal is special, we have collected some Pongal 2018 Images along with Happy Pongal 2018 Images. These pics are in HD resolution and you can share these Pongal 2018 Images HD with your friends and relatives.

Pongal is a harvest festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu and almost celebrated for the four days. Usually Pongal is celebrated from 14th to 16th January according to Gregorian calendar. Pongal is also celebrated in the Puducherry and Sri Lanka and also world wide where Tamil people lives.
Pongal is related to Makar Sankranti or Uttarayan and also with some regional festivals celebrated in India those are celebrated in different forms and are similar to Pongal.

Pongal 2018 Dates:

These Pongal 2018 images will be the perfect combination for you to celebrate Pongal 2018. Pongal in 2018 will begin on 14th January, 2018 and the day is Sunday and will last till 17th January 2018, Wednesday.

Pongal 2018 Images

As the trend is changing now and we are easily available online, the sharing of Pongal Pics and Photos also added to the celebration and no doubt that is one of the coolest ways to celebrate this 1000 year old tradition with latest trend yes you read it right. Pongal festival originated more than 1000 years ago.

Pongal Images

Pongal is celebrated with warmth and enthusiasm. Pongal celebration consist of four days of celebration. First day of celebration is called Bhogi, second day is known as Thai Pongal, third day is called Maatu Pongal while last day of the festival is known as Kaanum Pongal. 
In this section we have collected some best Pongal Images for you. These happy Pongal images will be great for your Pongal celebration.

Pongal Images HD

Pongal starts with Bhogi. Bhogi is similar to Holika in terms of celebration tradition. People cleans their houses, decorates them and make designs on the floor called rangoli. In villages, horns of buffaloes and oxen are also painted. People also put medicinal herbs in the northeast corner of fields and farms to prevent crop from pests and other agricultural diseases.
Have a look at the Pongal Images HD given below. These Pongal pictures are in High Resolution so that you can use them as your desktop and pc background wallpapers. Try the following images for Bhogi celebration.

Pongal 2018 Wishes Images

After Bhogi, the main Pongal event comes and that is Thai Pongal. This is the second day of four day Pongal celebration. In Tamil language, Pongal means the overflowing. Pongal wishes means the overflowing of prosperity and happiness. During the celebration of Thai Pongal, fresh milk is boiled in the vessel and newly harvested rice are added into that vessel. In the same time other people blows a Sanggu and shouts Pongalo Pongal and the food is served with all the people.


Pongal Images Free Download

After Thai Pongal, it is time for Maatu Pongal celebration. Tamil regards cattle as a source of wealth and they celebrate the day by playing games like Jallikattu and taming bull. Check some Pongal pictures given below for you for free download. These images are free to use and you can share these without any hesitation.

Pongal 2018 Pictures

The last day of Pongal celebration is known as Kaanum Pongal. This day remarks the end of the Pongal celebrations. Kaanum represents the meaning To visit. People do visit each other and holds reunion meets at the houses. In some area, cattle worshiping aslo do place in the celebration. Brothers gives gifts to their married sisters.

Pongal Images GIF

Video always add a extra effect to the wishes and what if we give you animated Pongal images that gives you feel of video and obtains less size than video? That will be great. So in this section we have given you some Pongal images gif to boost up your enthusiasm to celebrate the Pongal.




About Pongal 2018 Images : Thanks for coming to the post and reading the complete post. We are sure that you must liked these Pongal images and already have shared these Pongal 2018 images with your loved ones. If you have not, please do it and help your relatives and friends to celebrate this Pongal with cool and best Pongal photos. Do not forget to visit Sankranti Images and Makar Sankranti Wishes. Thanks and Happy Pongal !!
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