Happy Diwali Rangoli Design Images Free Download

Rangoli Design Images Free Download

Diwali is the festival of joy, happiness, hope and lights. Though it comes annually in the Ashvin month of Hindu calendar, the preparation of the Diwali festival starts very early as this is the most loved Hindu festival and it is the festival like Diwali that makes India beautiful and the country and the land of the festival. Diwali mostly comes in the month of October or November according to Gregorian calendar.

Diwali is a festival of light, cleanliness and decoration. In decoration women in India draws rangoli on the floor and decorate the house with the lights. After hearing the name Rangoli you have in your mind that what is Rangoli and how to make it ? The answer is simple that Rangoli is an art of making designs on the floor or room with the different colours.

Rangoli word is derived from a Sanskrit word Rangavali means pattern or design of colours on the floor or room. Rangoli is also signs a positive energy in the house and that is the main reason that rangoli is being made in almost every house of India during Diwali. 

People draw rangoli on the floors with different colours and decorates the house during Diwali you will also find diwali images with rangoli to fulfil your decoration need. To complete your search for Diwali rangoli designs we have gathered these rangoli photos specially for you. These designs of rangoli will help you to decorate your house and also will make your house look more beautiful during the festival of Diwali.

You can download these rangoli designs absolutely free and can share with your friends and family as this will also help them to make their house decorate. Now have a look at the free rangoli images given below. Download them, use them and make your house Diwali ready and amazing. 










Thanks for reading the whole post about Diwali rangoli designs and we hope that these rangoli designs will help you to make amazing Rangoli on your floors. Have a happy and beautiful Diwali !!